The association Mladí občané (MOB) came into existence as a reaction to contemporary political trends which can be seen not only in the growing distance between citizens and the state and public affairs, but also in the lack of society’s visions for the future and their representatives.


Through the functioning of our organization, young people become increasingly interested in engaging in the society, working with the youth and helping people understand public affairs. That is why our organization focuses on project activities. Our aim is to get our members involved in our activities or help them organize their own project and support them in the process of its realization. At the same time, we stress the meaningfulness and the real social benefit of our projects based on the many experiences of our members. This particular type of activism leads not only to the improvement of our organization but also of each and individual member through gaining new experiences, skills and contacts. And last but not least, our members are provided with support and recognition coming from their MOB peers and participants or co-organizers of individual projects – these positive impulses are key for the growth and integrity of young citizens.


The focus and content of our projects are in conformity with the values on which the modern Czech statehood was built. Our association proudly and responsibly respects the principles fundamental to the Czech constitution and the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. We emphasize the importance of the rule of law as the ultimate guarantee of those principles. Addressing the current societal climate, we stress the significance of human dignity and mutual tolerance, for these values are often the first ones to disappear in course of societal crises, leading to moral decay. Moreover, we never neglect the fact that the Czech republic is a member of international community and European family. It ought to behave and act in an active, ambitious, and responsible manner. The current and also the future generations should see the Czech republic playing precisely this part.


Our association represents a platform open to discussing various opinions. Our members are not instructed to adopt any particular stance or ideology; quite the contrary – we endorse diversity in their opinions. The core of a discourse should be a discussion based on mutual understanding, as opposed to an unrelenting urge to convert the others to your opinion. This form of a discussion encourages the involved to clarify their own opinions, better evaluate their personal experience, understand the position of others, while simultaneously combatting demagogy.


In our organization, a varied internal discussion is allowed, since we do not intend to enter public affairs as a homogenous unit. As an organization, we do not support any specific political actor, nor stand as candidates of public positions. The aim of our association is to serve as a platform for young and active people. We do, however, support those, who enter the political sphere as individuals. Our association is a friendly open-minded place for them, into which they can always return.. Our organization exists is here for its members, not the other way around.


We do not see the discussion about the division between civil society and politics in the public space as crucial. We think that this division represents but an artificial societal barrier. Our organization thinks of politics in a broader sense and thus we present it to young people — the core of politics is according to us presenting and defending one’s opinion. We believe it is easier for a young person to enter the public space and defend their opinions with this attitude, be they an activist or a politician. This way of understanding politics is also the core of our projects and internal discourse.


The cornerstone of our organisation is mutual help, which can range from motivating others to assistance with projects or contact sharing. Once MOB, always MOB.