Ad hoc

Apart from our bigger and fixed projects we are engaged in many smaller ad hoc events. Every year you cannot miss us at Albertov during the 17th November celebrations. There are sometimes opportunities when we can organize various discussions and workshops as well. For instance, the whole 2017/18 academic year we regularly educated students of one business school in Prague in the field of economics, history of the 20th century, and politics. Our lecturers from Stuzak also led a workshop “City Council Simulation” during the international congress “It’s our turn!”

Our social networks are never asleep. In convenient times we focus on various campaigns, for example #jduvolitprotože (I am voting because), we share our pictures from elections or photos “ala Havel” with short trousers on the day of Václav Havel’s death.

Apart from this, we regularly meet for informal discussions, for example during our traditional MOB beer gatherings, or broaden our horizons during thematic film nights. Every year we organize summer meetings connected with the Assembly and in winter we traditionally go to the mountains.