HISTORYe20 is an educational project, which introduces Czech modern history in an interactive way to elementary and high school students from all around the country. The name itself refers to the core idea of our project: the fact that history is made of stories and decisions of individuals. These stories and decisions are our guides trough the historical events that we focus on.

The main goal of HISTORYe20 is to increase students’ knowledge about Czech history, focusing mainly on the 20th century, because especially its second half is often being neglected from history lessons.

Every project of HISTORYe20 is divided into 3 parts – a lecture from a professional; visiting a place that is somehow connected to the historical event and a discussion, in which we put emphasis on student’s ability to create strong fact-based arguments and to participate in a group discussion.

To make our project as approachable as possible, we organize our projects regionally, connected to local history and local events.

HISTORYe20 has started in December 2018 with a project about operation Anthropoid. In the beginning students from Gymnázium Mnichovo Hradiště heard a lecture about the operation and its historical background from a writer and history popularizer Jiří Paděvět in Václav Havel’s Library. The students then attended an exhibition in Petschk palace, which was used as a Gestapo prison during that time. In the end, they discussed Karel Čurda’s decision, which eventually lead to capturing the parachutists who assaulted Heydrich.

In 2019 we are organizing multiple projects in Prague and Brno. This year, we put emphasis on the ’9 anniversaries of the Czech Republic and the expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia after WW2.